Hollywood Years (1980-1981)

Smokie Bites the Dust

David's first movie part with actual lines was entitled "Smokie Bites the Dust", where he played a Homecoming Queen Escort, escorting the Homecoming Queen to the Homecoming football game. This Roger Coreman film is a wacky high school movie where the Homecoming Queen, played by Janet Julian, ends up falling for a kidnapping car thieving mischief maker, played by Jimmy McNichol. David had several lines, and is shown here as he is arriving to pick up the Homecoming Queen (Mary Lou) to take her to the Stadium for the homecoming game. This part was enough to get David his Screen Actor's Guild card.
In this scene, the Homecoming Queen is deposited into the Homecoming Queen car, where unbeknownst to everyone, she is about to be kidnapped by the driver.

David Meets Cindy Williams at her house in the Hills

I've been looking for this photo for years, and I just had to show it off! Actually, I have always claimed that this event occurred, but I have been lacking proof until now. This is a scan of a polaroid snapshot which was taken in early 1981 at Cindy William's house, high up in the Hollywood Hills. For those of you who are either too young or too culturally deprived to remember the "Laverne and Shirley" TV show, Cindy played the character of Shirley Feeney. Some friends of mine, such as the since deceased star of the Addam's family movies, Raul Julia, who played Gomez in the movie remakes of the original TV series (all of which were based on the famous cartoons by Charles Addams), along with Dalia Javier, a Xoetrope Studios set designer, and Rock & Roller Robby Romero and I went to Cindy's house to celebrate her sister's birthday party when this picture was taken. I struck up a conversation with Cindy about her art collection on display in her hallway and I even followed her into her bedroom for a moment. Looking back on it, I often wonder whether Cindy might have been trying to interest me in a few other things as well, but I'm afraid I was a little too blown away by the whole evening to figure it out. Robert de Niro made a brief appearance at the party as well. This evening was among the most memorable of my Hollywood experiences. Click HERE for more information on the Laverne & Shirley TV show.

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