Descendants of John McLure

First Generation

1. John McLure was born about 1750. He died 1843 in Beaver Creek, , SC.


John married Ann Annabella Rankin, daughter of John Rankin and Ann's Mother.


John and Ann had the following children:

+ 2 M i Richard Rankin McLure was born 1 Nov 1783 and died 19 Oct 1858.
  3 M ii
Thomas Carlisle McLure.
  4 M iii
John McLure II.[Notes]
  5 M iv
William McLure.
  6 F v
Ann McLure.
Ann married Thompson.
  7 F vi
Jane McLure.
Jane married Quinlon.
  8 F vii
Malinda McLure.
Malinda married Smith.
  9 F viii
Elizabeth McLure.
Elizabeth married Hixson.
  10 F ix
Syntha McLure.
Syntha married Ussery.
  11 F x
Sarah McLure.
  12 F xi
Nancy McLure.
Nancy married SHIELDS.

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